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Letter: Impeaching, not pardoning, Trump is what’s best for the country

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President Donald Trump speaks before boarding Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021.

Manuel Balce Ceneta, Associated Press

An opinion piece by Boyd Matheson (“America’s leaders must have the courage to ask this question,” Jan. 12) states our elected officials must ask themselves, “What is best for the people I lead?”

Mr. Matheson talked to a colleague in Washington, D.C., who stated “We can’t even get members of Congress to come together and light a candle on the steps of the Capitol to honor those who died. Everyone is too worried about losing social media followers, supporters and voters if they are seen even standing next to someone from ‘the other side’ at a vigil.”

There should be wax six feet deep on the Capitol steps, in honor of the brave officer who died defending the Constitution of the United States. But we should not waste a single drop of wax on the mob of domestic terrorists that caused his death. The lawless individuals should be prosecuted. The law-abiding citizens that feel disenfranchised should be heard and their grievances addressed.

I agree with Mr. Matheson when he states that our elected officials should ask the question of what is best for the people that they serve. I utterly disagree with his implication that we should move past the idea of impeaching Donald Trump.

To not remove a president who has shown total disregard for the oath of office is not in the best interest of our nation. Only impeachment sends a strong enough message to this president, and future ones, that they are not above the law. If the Senate does its job correctly and convicts and removes this lawless president from office, and then denies him the possibility of ever holding elected office again, they will have saved our nation from much present and future heartache.

When an elected official asks the question, “What is best for those that I served?” that is leadership. When they ask the question “What is best for all?” that is great leadership.

Ralph Bohn