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Letter: We’re more intertwined than it seems, so choose love over discord

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Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders take pictures in front of a large American flag before a rally Monday, March 2, 2020, in Salt Lake City.

George Frey, Associated Press

Just watch the news, and it feels as if we are bound for civil war. The United States of America is fractured with fear and hate. Our institutions crumble under the weight of ignorance and mistrust, where facts are debatable. We are in a (mis)information era where fear, hate and falsehoods are the surest way to make a buck via clicks and engagement. The powers that be grow in wealth and influence in direct correlation with our division.

We are not the enemy. Any derivative of “Us vs. Them” is an unhealthy dichotomy that does not serve us. We all have co-workers, neighbors and family with diverse points of view. Los Angeles County had more Trump voters than the entire state of Utah. Our state supported Bernie Sanders by greater margins than most in the past two primaries. We are wholly intertwined.

If we want to heal our democracy, we must exorcise those divisive and hateful influences. In 2021 turn off the news, suspend your Facebook, read a book, practice the serenity of prayer and have a conversation (not debate) with someone new. Let’s choose brotherly love and the common good over division and discord. Our society depends on it.

Jared Lounsbury-Decker

St. George