The evidence that our climate is changing is irrefutable. The decades-old scientific consensus of both observation and prediction intersects with our lived experience in the record heat, burning and drought-stricken West. Even the Pentagon and oil companies acknowledge that there is a problem and something must be done. 

If I, along with everyone who glances at this article, were to miraculously bring our carbon footprint down to zero, climate change would barely skip a beat. As individuals, there’s no question it’s good to live green and to act upon our conscience. But for real change to occur, it must be systemic. By definition that cannot and will not happen on a case-by-case basis. We must work together as a society to change our systems and our policies. Placing a price on damaging greenhouse gasses via a carbon fee and dividend is one powerful route we can take that will alter our current destructive path by embracing the power of markets. Change is happening, whether we like it or not. For a brighter future we must unite and demand proactive systemic action from our leaders and institutions.

Jared Lounsbury-Decker 

St. George