The Reconciliation Bill in Congress provides us with a ”Profiles in Courage” moment. Our senators can act in the best interest of our entire country, disregarding potential political consequences, to vote for climate legislation that guarantees a healthy common home for our families. 

Unfortunately, there has been much contentiousness resulting in major compromises in the bill’s climate proposals, mostly along party lines. A warming climate is not a partisan issue; all Americans, Republicans or Democrats, are impacted by a damaged climate. 

Right now, our legislators have the opportunity to incorporate a price on carbon and rebate back to Americans into the Senate’s reconciliation bill. Additionally, a border carbon adjustment would help pay for programs in the bill and encourage other countries to lower CO2 emissions. Carbon pricing is not a panacea, but a highly effective, first solution to decarbonization. 

It is high time for all senators to recognize the common climate challenges we face and join “Profiles in Courage” by voting for the reconciliation bill. It might take only one Republican senator, perhaps our own Sen. Romney, to move our United States forward into significant climate action — securing a thriving future for all Utahns.

Norma M. Wills

Salt Lake City