Just a week after the deadly tornadoes devastated Kentucky and surrounding states, Iowa and Minnesota saw their first December tornadoes while high winds slammed Colorado, with gusts reaching 107 mph. More than 440,000 customers lost power.

Climate-related disasters this year and last have been the most costly in 10 years for insurance companies. Even if we escaped the wildfires, floods, drought, and heat waves, we all pay directly through higher insurance costs, and indirectly as taxpayers.

While individuals can reduce their carbon footprints by using fewer fossil fuels, if we truly want to mitigate the impacts of climate disruption we need to insist that our politicians adopt a carbon fee and dividend. No more denial. No more party loyalty above serving constituents’ most basic need for a safe environment.

Please tell your members of Congress to address climate change now with a carbon fee to reduce emissions while returning the dividend to Americans’ wallets and creating good 21st century jobs.

Jean M. Lown