Tech companies contribute more than $20.1 billion to the state’s economy and have transformed Utah by propelling it into the digitally driven 21st century. Tech sector jobs represent 9.6% of Utah’s overall workforce, and technology employment opportunities in Utah are expected to grow more than in any other state this year and over the next decade, according to a CompTIA report

Companies are flocking to Utah due to its business-friendly, tech-supportive environment. But, just as Utah is making its way to the top, elected officials are targeting the sector with inhibiting regulations. Congress is considering antitrust legislation that targets American tech and places unnecessary burdens on innovation. The most recent piece of anti-tech legislation, the “American Innovation and Choice Online” Act, has already been introduced in the Senate Judiciary Committee and is awaiting a mark-up.

As a member of the committee, our Utah Sen. Mike Lee has the opportunity to set the record straight and ensure American tech does not face additional, unfair and crippling hurdles to success. From his conversations at the 2021 Silicon Tech Summit to his official website, Lee identifies as a supporter of American tech and innovation. He says, “government intervention tends to hinder, rather than empower American innovators,” and recognizes the temptation in Washington to regulate the private sector.

I encourage Lee to stay true to his beliefs and protect the Utah tech industry by not allowing anti-American tech legislation to leave the committee. Tech stands up for Utah; it is time for Utah to stand up for tech. 

Clay Sheffer