After having read the article by Boyd Matheson (“Why this conservative thinker says we’re back to ‘normal politics,’” Jan. 27) I fear that some conservative Republicans, at least Matheson and George Will, are not learning from the events of the past eight years. It seems obvious to me that the American electorate wants a change from “normal politics” — else why elect a man four years ago who had no political experience? And why not elect the “business as usual” Republican, Mitt Romney, eight years ago? To me the answer is clear: The American people wanted, and still want, a change in Washington, D.C.

Then you might ask, why was Joe Biden elected? I think the obvious answer is that the pandemic tanked the economy, and, as the statement attributed to James Carville notes, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Had there been no pandemic, I believe Trump would have been elected by a landslide because, if nothing else, he was the steward over a booming economy.

Now we have a new president who is a career politician. Biden is the epitome of “civility” and “normal politics.” Though I did not agree with Trump’s policies on numerous issues, and though I was not enamored by his caustic personality, nevertheless his presidency was a nice change from “business as usual” in Washington, D.C.

We need another president, who, like Trump, has his or her genesis outside of the political bubble. A president who can do what Trump was doing for the economy, minus the caustic rhetoric and, of course, minus the policies I do not agree with — ha!

Don Fink