The Constitution of the United States of America was written at the behest of the legislatures of the original states in order to create a federal entity that could then be relied upon to protect the collective interests of the states and the freedoms of the citizens. It was adopted with much trepidation.

Written into the document were at least five provisions designed to guarantee that the collective interest of the states would be adhered to and the voices of the states would continue to be heard. Two of those provisions were later nullified by amendment. Of those remaining, one is ignored, one is derided (though feared) and the third is under attack.

Today, far from being the servant of the states, the federal government views itself as their master and the states as administrative subdivision. Where once the federal government depended upon the states for support, it now bullies them into compliance at every level of society. Where once the states were viewed as laboratories of self government, they are now viewed as backward dependents not worthy of serious thought or consideration.

If ever the balance of power and trust is to be restored in our republic, it must be soon. It must be done by the state legislatures, beginning either singly or collectively, for it is with those collective state legislatures that ultimate constitutional power lies.

The battle to preserve the republic must be joined in the Supreme Court of the United States. Choose your battles carefully, but there will never be a better time to fight than now.

Thomas Brown