The loud voices that use name-calling and derogatory language to oppose traditional Christian values concern me. We have a recently elected member of our State School Board, Natalie Cline, whose views won her support of her school board district. Now her point of view seems so undesirable that some are signing an online petition calling for her removal.

A few years ago these loud voices were the ones who thought they should be heard. They thought they had such valuable opinions that they wanted fairness and equality. Now that they have had some success with their agenda they are wanting to silence the voices of those having differing opinions. This is happening at the local and national levels of government.

Natalie Cline should have every right, and indeed everyone’s respect, to be heard. What she has to say is important to me. I’m not in her school board district but she represents my point of view. She is a brave woman to even enter the conversation because the loud more liberal voices use vocabulary that labels her in an unkind and judgmental way.

I support Natalie Cline.

Kathy Leatherwood