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Letter: What could we replace the border wall with to welcome migrants?

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The Statue of Liberty is surrounded by clouds, Monday, July 20, 2020, in New York.

Mark Lennihan, Associated Press

This nation is full of immigrants from all over the world, and it’s part of this country’s unique DNA. Just because one group of immigrants has become more established doesn’t mean we should shun other people seeking the liberties America offers. We should be welcoming them.

If people are willing to pay the price of hard work and responsibility that comes living in a free country, why not let them live here? If they agree to abide by our laws and positively contribute to our society, why not let them enrich our lives with all the good they bring with them?

Communists build walls. We should build something better and more inspiring. Now that construction on the border wall has stopped and we move on as a nation, why not take this opportunity to replace the wall with something to greet future immigrants along our southern border, similar to the Statue of Liberty by Ellis Island?

There are a lot of options as far as what we could replace the wall with. A statue of Lady Liberty holding a flag to wrap those seeking liberty. A monument similar to the Gateway Arch, symbolizing the gateway to freedom. There are many things we can do better than the wall that is there now.

We need to protect our borders and sovereignty as a nation, but we can do so in more inspiring ways.

Miles Nielsen

Kansas City, Missouri