Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote to convict former President Donald Trump shows him to be a trailblazing pioneer of his own. His vote last year on impeachment was historic, the first time a senator voted to convict the president of his own party. That vote helped to clear the path and enabled this year’s impeachment vote to be the most bipartisan of all time. What started as one senator became seven after one year.

Last year he was both mocked and praised, hailed as a traitor and a hero. Daring to stand alone then, he has shown true leadership that so many of us recognized in 2012. While it’s unfortunate that the media ruthlessly mocked him in his presidential election back then, we can be grateful for his principled leadership that he is able to provide us now.

The pioneers of the past created physical trails that helped thousands come after them. In the 21st century, Romney is clearing the path to a more bipartisan future. A future of moral conviction, patriotic principles and the sure belief of country over party.

Alex Hooper

Saratoga Springs