The fight for women’s rights is still real and alive today. Women had to fight for years in order to earn the right to vote, receive an education, and we are still fighting to earn an equal wage in the workforce. Let’s not tear down all of the work we’ve done to create fairness and equity for women by allowing transgender individuals to play on women’s sports teams.

There are undeniable physiological differences between men and women that make it unethical to allow biological men to play women’s sports. This gives men an unfair advantage that will ruin the hard work and records that women have been working diligently to win for years. Not only that, but it could also cause serious damage to women themselves to have larger-bodied men playing on their teams. Keep women in women’s sports, and men in men’s sports.

Transgender individuals should absolutely be allowed to play sports — without question. But they need to play on the side that they were biologically created for. Let’s remember the real meaning of the word “equality” and remember that women deserve it just as much as anyone else.

Shantel Christensen