I agree with Mr. Boyd Matheson: It is time for change on the political landscape (“A new political home for the ‘moveable middle’: Welcome to the Giraffe Party,” Jan. 20). A third party in my opinion is not as viable an option for change as is term limits. I was taught if you continue to do things the same way you will get the same results. That works great for baking a cake. But when we see the same faces in Congress year after year, it is easy to discern that the halls of Congress are filled with career politicians. These career politicians clearly are not truly accountable and rush to solve every problem by digging into the taxpayers’ pocketbook.

Political elites seem to have lost their way using their powers with government experts and associated regulatory agencies to engage in things that are any thing but democratic. Most likely such things are driven by some special interest agenda. Looking for viable political change is dangerous work.

I love our jury system to insure every citizen going to trial has the best shot for a fair day in court. Maybe we should consider a similar system for selection of members of Congress. We have to get out of political nine dots and do something. For me, term limits are viable, cost effective and probably the quickest shot at change in the political landscape.

Terry Clapp

Phoenix, Arizona