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Letter: Another way to go green

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Jenn Ackerman, For the Deseret News

Many organizations that operate daily are setting goals to be more socially responsible by going green and reducing their carbon footprint. There are a lot of ways this is being done. Some organizations use their clout to require their partners and suppliers to cut emissions. Organizations in transportation are updating their fleet to include more electric vehicles. Other organizations set quotas to only use energy derived from renewable sources. Now people are arguing that organizations can reduce their carbon footprint by letting employees work from home.

What if there was an even easier and faster way to do this? What if an organization that operates every day could reduce its emissions by 14.2% off the bat? The answer — close operations for one day a week and encourage employees to take the day off.

Of course, this isn’t anything new. In addition to the Sabbath day, the Jews have another observance called shmita where they let the land rest for a year (which will start this coming September). While there are different reasons why this practice was introduced long ago, the principles can be applied for our benefit today.

Companies will be concerned about losing all the business that comes by staying open on Sundays, but what is the price they are willing to pay to help protect the environment? In some cases, the amount they are already putting into their green initiatives may end up being the same price they would pay just closing their own operations for one day a week.

Miles Nielsen

Kansas City, Missouri