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Letter: I lost my grandpa to COVID-19. Why are people throwing parties?

In this image taken from video, police officers stand guard Saturday evening, March 20, 2021, as crowds descend on South Beach in Miami. After days of partying and confrontations between police and large crowds, Miami Beach officials ordered an emergency curfew.
WPLG via Associated Press

I want to express my annoyance and anger at the clandestine parties that are being held in various areas of the country. I find that it is a lack of empathy and respect for all the people who have lost a family member due to COVID-19.

Several months ago I lost my grandpa, a very special person for me, and it hurts to see how people take the issue of the pandemic lightly; they have not taken the weight of what is happening worldwide.

I hope they do not have to go through the situation that we live as a family: the loss of a loved one. Hopefully they become aware and take care of themselves because this is not over yet.

Francisco Huerta Orellana

San Fernando, Chile