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Opinion: Thank you, Mitt Romney

The infrastructure bill that passed the Senate is a fine example of lawmakers working together.

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Utah Senator Mitt Romney talks to reporters at the Capitol in Washington.

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, is surrounded by reporters in Washington on June 10. Romney and other key Republicans helped to negotiate a compromise infrastructure bill that recently passed the Senate.


Dear Editor:

It is a positive step that there is an infrastructure bill for our country. It is a long time coming. Too many years we have endured a lack of commitment to respond to public needs. Now, with the help of senators thinking about what the whole country needs, versus what their election plans would serve, we are on the verge of a positive piece of legislation. 

As a resident of St. George, I write this letter more about Mitt Romney. Contrary to some government officials in Utah, he represents us very well. We have an opportunity to see something positive happen regarding roads, bridges, and other infrastructure needs.

In the fine print of the infrastructure legislation is Mitt’s idea that he borrowed from Utah that has the traffic lights being smart. If you have not lived other places, you will not realize that our Utah traffic lights are engineered to make traffic move smarter and quicker. 

It’s a small part of the bill but it shows that Romney is looking at all the details.

I’m sure there are still lots of people against our representatives working together. I’m sorry you are against working together as this cause is worthy and Mitt has done well by the country and Utah.

Bob Klarich

St. George