A million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. . Bees are dying at record rates. Eight million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year. In the U.S, average PM2.5 pollution levels actually rose by 6.7% in 2020. The world lost 20 million acres of primary forest between 1990 and 2020. The United States is losing soil at a rate 10 times faster than nature’s ability to replenish it.  

Where is this headed? The scale of these issues is overwhelming to me and I am terrified for my grandchildren and even for my children.

We were given a paradise and we are destroying it. Earth is not infinite. But we are living like it is. Is our only option really unlimited growth and ever expanding consumption? American is known for its “Can do attitude”. Can we not use that attitude to work together to find ways to have a safer, cleaner and healthier planet?

Judy Gooch

Salt Lake City