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Opinion: Affordable housing is needed

Shelters won’t do. People need apartments, group homes or treatment centers they can afford.

A woman opens a cooler as she walks around a homeless campsite.
A woman opens a cooler as she walks around a homeless campsite on the side of the street in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. Many homeless live in such campsites along the Wasatch Front.
Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

I can’t get my mind off housing and how important an affordable housing unit is to all of us and the homeless. Without this, we are out on the street, sleeping at a homeless shelter: dubbed “homeless” in our time of need.

In these dark times of the pandemic, jobs and homes are lost; and people need a better term than “homeless.” Couldn’t they be termed “economically challenged” or something else that fits better?

Mortgages and rents must come down dramatically to where people can afford to keep themselves inside off the street. People have a right to live somewhere, and it violates that right to keep them homeless.

Shelters aren’t needed, affordable housing is.

Whether it be homes or apartments, group homes or treatment housing, get people off the street and keep them inside housing, making and keeping housing affordable.

Linda English