I think of the hundreds of millions of earthlings who suffered unspeakable deaths from ravages of smallpox, bubonic plague, yellow fever, polio, AIDS and dozens of other viral killers. What would they have given for easy access to an effective prevention method? 

And yet many of the most spoiled people who have ever lived on planet Earth won’t touch a COVID-19 shot, hating the thought of losing two seconds of their precious freedom. 

One lady in Arizona offered to take up arms against any who would force her to be vaccinated. I would venture she has never publicly avowed to do the same for her freedom of speech, press, religion, or her right to live and work where she wants. Freedom from the needle is greater than all of them for her. 

Life expectancy in the first decade of the 2000s astonishingly declined for three straight years due to the petulant desire of Americans to treat their bodies however they want. But in 2020, we saw an aggregate yearly decline of anywhere from 14 to 39 times those earlier yearly drops, depending upon ethnicity, according to Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Those two seconds of militantly asserted freedom by anti-civic Americans is costing their neighbors dearly. 

Kimball Shinkoskey 

Woods Cross