As we navigate through the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many people feel that the U.S. Supreme Court gave them a great gift when they ruled against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. I agree that the last thing business owners really need is the president telling them how to run their business. However, the courts did nothing to absolve business of the risk that this tricky virus presents to them. 

This is something that I am reminded of every time a drive past a favorite, now closed, restaurant in Sandy. 

As a business owner, sick employees present a challenge. The challenge is to two-fold. If employees stay home because they are ill, which they should, a business owner may be unable to provide the service to customers that they deserve. There is then a risk that the customers will take their business elsewhere.  

If sick employees go to work, they risk spreading the illness to other employees and customers. If enough customers become ill, there is a risk that word of mouth spreads through the community, causing customers to patronize competitors.

While freedom to run a business as the proprietor sees fit in the United States should be celebrated, risk is a difficult thing to manage. Therefore, if my boss implores me to get vaccinated and to stay home if I am ill, it is in my best interest as an employee to listen and take heed. My livelihood depends on it.

Ben Hunt