I call on the Legislature to abolish closed primary elections — now.

According to the state of Utah, 51% of voters are not registered Republicans. They cannot vote in the Republican primary. Although their taxes pay for the Republican primary, more than half of Utah voters are shut out of this public election.

Only the Republican party runs a closed primary in Utah. Independents and others — the majority of Utah voters — may not participate. I submit this law is un-American. Although 14 states restrict primary elections to party registrants, Republicans have closed their primaries in only three states: Oklahoma, South Dakota and Utah. In 36 states, voters may vote for anyone they wish. 

As everyone knows, the real election for Senate and House in Utah is the Republican primary on June 28, but less than half of Utah voters will be allowed to cast a ballot. It’s time for Utahns to join the vast majority of Americans who can freely vote in state elections without regard to party affiliation. 

Breck England