In the Deseret News article “Here’s why Gov. Spencer Cox wants Utah classrooms to be cellphone free,” Cox claimed to a “crowd of parents, teachers and community leaders gathered at Bonneville Junior High School in Holladay” that social media is “negatively impacting the mental health, social connection and emotional well-being of Utah teens.”

Furthermore, Cox claimed that a first solution is “getting cellphones out of classrooms.”

This proposal is the most dangerous solution that Cox could offer. Has he already forgotten about Uvalde: Kids and teachers calling from the classrooms when a shooter entered and killed many children and two teachers?

Police need inside information during a school shooting. Removing cellphones will prevent the police from gathering intelligence, i.e., “where is the shooter now,” at a critical moment when mass school shooting events occur.

Did the governor check with his Department of Public Safety before issuing this dangerous recommendation? I hope that Jess Anderson, DPS commissioner, will disagree with Cox’s recommendation.

Rather than remove cellphones from classrooms, a better solution is for schools to develop classroom rules regarding cellphone use.

Gov. Cox, please rethink your dangerous proposal to remove cellphones from the classroom.

Thomas Murray

St. George