With Election Day 2022 in the past, Campaign 2024 will be quickly upon us. Prior to 2024, we should consider whether the major political parties are sending the best option, particularly for the highest profile race: president of the United States. 

I doubt I’m alone in my belief that no one in this nation is well served by a repeat of the same two options from 2020. We need to move forward as a nation, not rehash the past. Joe Biden and Donald Trump should not be the Democratic and Republican candidates for president.

To the Democratic and Republican Utah and National Committees: If Joe Biden and Donald Trump respectively are the best you have to offer in 2024, it is probably time that we as a state and nation move past you as the major political parties. Admittedly, it is partly our fault for not demanding better from you. However, it has become painfully apparent that you are only interested in your own power, not in what is right for voters.

It is long past time to correct our mistakes of giving political parties too much power. We the people have a voice, let’s use it for good. 

Eric Johnson