Stories of struggle and success color my volunteer work helping people to help themselves. I’ve talked to women like Sarah, who escaped a horribly abusive marriage. But after breaking free of the abuse, she found that even a full-time job couldn’t pay the bills, let alone cover payments for the child care that allowed her to work. She credits the child tax credit with helping her to feed and clothe her son. Today she is studying neuroscience at Stanford University, seeking a better life for her family, and she still needs the child tax credit to make ends meet. 

Many innocent children need the child tax credit in order to be satisfactorily clothed and fed. In fact, child poverty dropped 46% when the credit was expanded last year. The child tax credit even helped more parents to work, providing adequate money to cover child care and transportation costs. 

Romney’s proposal for a pro-family, pro-work and pro-birth America

Unfortunately, the expansion expired in December 2021, casting many kids back into destitution. But Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee can help reinstate the improvements that helped so many kids by asking Senate leadership to prioritize expanding child tax credit before the end of the year.

Lifting children from poverty would be a wonderful Christmas gift!

Georgia Platts

South Jordan