Utahns, before we had mail-in voting, do you remember having to find your voting card to find your precinct number to search the newspaper to learn where your polling place was located? And do you remember then planning your whole day around whether to vote before work, during your lunch hour or after work? Driving down the street looking for a flag and “Vote Here” sign to actually locate the polling place? Standing in long lines in bad weather just to cast your ballot?

Rep. Phil Lyman, R-Blanding, and others want to return us to those bad old days by taking away our right to vote by mail. His bill, HB371, eliminates voting by mail and requires everyone to vote in person on the same day. His sole aim seems to be to make life tough on us, the voters. Don’t let him! Contact your legislator to tell him or her to keep our current voting system. Our current system was developed by Utahns for Utahns. It’s the Utah Way.

Kathryn Fitzgerald

Salt Lake City