I am writing in support of full-day kindergarten as an option for all students. To me, it is exciting to think of what could be possible if all students were given the option to attend a full day of kindergarten.

For my own two children, I wish this would have been an option. However, it simply was not something we had access to.

I was left to find an additional program they could participate in. That was the most chaotic year, and is not something I would willingly do, if it wasn’t something I believed in so deeply! Every lunch break was spent driving my child from their half-day public school kindergarten to a different private half-day option. These sweet 5-year-olds had to manage learning two school systems, two sets of expectations, and keep track of work for each school they attended.

How wonderful it would be to have all their learning in one place. As parents, this is something we should be able to choose. We know our children and what their needs are. Please support full-day kindergarten as an option for all of Utah’s students — they deserve it.

Marie Steffensen

South Jordan