I read the Opinion piece in the Deseret News: “Paying more for gas is the least we can do” (March 9). In my view, higher prices at the pump for gasoline and diesel won’t help the cause of freedom for Ukraine. It will only hurt American motorists. 

We are a democracy, but we are simultaneously a republic. We need to look out for America first, and not get into tangling alliances. We are neck deep in national debt. I think the two political parties have drifted off course.

Why not have a civility party — one whose platform is to work for the common defense, one that would work toward the most mutual domestic harmony and mutual productive gains for as many people as possible, while still retaining a compassionate safety net for the less fortunate? That’s one party I could support. But let American oil drillers drill. Keeping America stable should be our first priority.

James A. Marples