I enjoyed the article titled, “Are electric vehicles cheaper to own than the average gas guzzler.” I especially enjoyed the picture of a Chevy Volt because I own two of them.

However, there is another comparison that needs to be made. I bought my two Volts after someone else did a three-year lease on them. I got them at approximately half price from the sticker cost. The comparison immediately becomes more favorable.

The maintenance on my Volts is very minimal compared to a gas guzzler. If you put in synthetic oil, all you need do is check the oil every two years. There are many less moving parts to wear out on an electric car. My gasoline engine acts as a generator and has less wear and tear. I keep my Volts charged and always drive on electrons locally and only need to use gas if I go more than 33 miles on the older Volt and 50 miles on the newer second generation Volt. Furthermore, I only need to fill up on longer trips.

Also, you don’t need a charging station on the Volts unless you want quicker charging. You can plug in to any 110-volt outlet and charge overnight with the charger provided with the new car. I don’t have exact numbers, but the savings is incredible compared to my older model Ford F-150. Now, add to that the fact that zero emissions are coming out of my tailpipe for almost all of my valley driving and you get that added bonus.

Bruce Bohm