People are hurting in the U.S. from high energy prices. There are simple solutions, and they help the environment, but I don’t hear anybody talking about them.

Did you know that slowing down about 10 mph can save from 15% to 20% on fuel? That’s more energy saving than all the oil imports we had from Russia. My thoughts:

1. The last time we had this kind of energy shortage was 1973. We all worked together, and Congress passed the 55 mph speed limit. We need to do it again, and we could add a little flexibility this time, allowing trucks and car pools to go a little faster. We could clean the air and bring down gas prices overnight.

2. President Joe Biden could get on TV and ask the nation to voluntarily reduce the use of oil and gas, which we could then send to Europe to help them with their really serious energy crunch. And, it would immediately clean the air and help us develop more thrifty energy habits, like using public transportation.

Ernie Rogers

Pleasant Grove