More than 3 million women and children have fled the horrible war in Ukraine. Would you consider putting up a family in your home for up to a year until they got their feet on the ground in the U.S.? If you did not have room in your home, would you consider adopting a family on a foster-type basis? Maybe you could not offer financial help, but friendship and guidance could be critical to them. I think many Utahns would do this.

What about a Syrian, Afghan, Central American family? What about adopting a poor family from Utah? So many people need help. 

If you are religious, is not helping others the Christian/moral thing to do? This does not require a large government bureaucracy, except for a foster-type agency to ensure that the adoption process is not abused or people are not abused. Please consider being a good Samaritan, even if what you can do is limited.

You might make lasting friendships with people you never thought you would.

Mark Rothacher

Salt Lake City