After reading Lois M. Collins article “Why boosting IRS funding would be good for your family,” I agreed with most everything she pointed out, but I was left with two questions.

Before the IRS lost 17% of its workforce and the workload increased 19%, was the organization operating at peak efficiency? This situation occurs in corporate America often — most recently due to the “Great Resignation.” Businesses just have to do their best. They’re usually successful. You just do more with less.

Deputy Treasury Department Secretary Wally Adeyemo was quoted stating that to overcome the net 36% (+19% versus -17% discussed above) loss of manpower versus work load, “the IRS is pushing for $80 billion in funding to more than double their workforce.” Correct — 36% by adding over 100%. This math just doesn’t add up. And these are the people who are auditing our tax returns. Sometimes just throwing money at a problem isn’t going to fix it.

Brent Mullins

West Valley City