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Opinion: How can we better teach children about their identities?

Children are confused, and the mixed messages on the internet aren’t helping. Children need help and support from safe resources

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A smiling family of four sits on a couch and the parents hug the two children.

Conflicting messages on social media and the internet are confusing children’s identities. Family conversations can help.

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I remember when I was growing up, I was shaped and molded by great people. Today, I see so very much confusion about everything, but especially about identities. I know that now, there is a great deal to learn and understand about identity. Many young people are really struggling with it. Where do they go to learn and to find help and support?

A couple of days ago, my daughter was called to come and pick up her son at school because he had been hurt. As she rushed to get him, she found out that he and three other students had been bitten by one student. The school nurse explained to her that this student identifies as a dog. He had bitten my grandson on the shoulder and left teeth marks in his skin. 

If all this insecurity and uncertainty about identity is coming from social media and a lack of teaching and conversation in the family, I see a very dark times ahead. Social media and online searches are not the best places to get information about your identity.

Jan Evans

Salt Lake City