Divisive politics. Soaring energy prices. Supply chain and consumer shortages. Inflation. Vinyl LPs. A sloppy end to a foreign war. Racial tension. Protests.

The 1970s ... or today? The parallels are striking. The key to getting America back on track then was a visionary leader with timeless conservative principles: Ronald Reagan.

Today, America is overcome by the same general malaise we experienced as a nation in the ’70s. Our constitutional republic is fraying. We all feel it — the sense that our country is on the wrong track. To get back on course, we need leaders like Reagan. And we need them now.

As a Reagan Republican, Utah conservative and 2022 candidate for the U.S. Senate, I invite you to join me in a vision for what America can be: a thriving economy, a global energy leader and a safe and secure constitutional republic — Reagan’s shining city once again.

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It’s time we determine a new destiny in America

If the 1970s were the “Me Decade,” the 2020s must be the “We Decade.”

In 2022, we are more fragmented, not only politically, but in a cocooned, contrived digital reality.

We cry for straight talk and work horses, then elect sweet talkers and showboats.

We denounce division, then elect those who see the world as us vs. them. 

We demand safety and freedom, then elect those who profit from fear and control.

Our leaders are a reflection of who we are. It is our responsibility as We the People to determine our destiny. If we want change, we cannot keep sending the same people to Washington.

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In this year’s June 28 Republican primary, We the People must show up

When it comes to the Utah Senate race, it’s time for a different kind of leader — not the kind that uses fear to keep us where we are. The kind that gives us hope for what we can be.

A word from President Ronald Reagan:

“We the People” tell the Government what to do, it doesn’t tell us ...”

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

“America is too great for small dreams.”

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Amen and amen. Despite his faults, Reagan inspired us collectively to be better, to see our way through tough times. There may have been only one Ronald Reagan, but it’s time for Reagan-like leaders. It’s time we remember we are “We the People.”

Unfortunately, the incumbent in this race has consistently forgotten the people. Please consider: Not only was he absent in a recent debate televised statewide, he was a no-show on the Emery County lands bill, the Navajo Water Settlement Agreement, PILT reauthorization, the Great America Outdoors Act, Hill Air Force Base, drought relief, and wildfire mitigation, not to mention things not done in his 12 years, namely a balanced budget amendment and term limits.

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There are only four laws with Mike Lee’s name on them, making him a fraction as effective as former Sen. Orrin Hatch. Yet he’s had time to write six books and make hundreds of cable TV appearances. Local officials call him “Just Say No Mike.” Ouch.

Over my 30-year career, I’ve worked hard on some of Utah’s thorniest challenges and produced real results with this state’s highest leaders in government, religion, business and tech. As your senator, I will show up for Utah’s working families, seniors and veterans; for our schoolchildren, businesses, public lands and infrastructure. I’ll defend Utah’s water and way of life. I’ll serve two terms — period.

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I’m a Reagan Republican with hardscrabble roots, a bit of a policy nerd, a business and community leader who believes in America — in freedom and free enterprise.

Utah deserves a true leader in the U.S. Senate. A straight talker and exceptional listener. A principled visionary who knows Utah and speaks truth. A proven conservative more focused on people than microphones.

I’d be honored to earn your vote this June 28. Together as We the People, let’s get our country back on track.

Ally Isom is a business and community leader, a mother and grandmother, and a 2022 Republican candidate for the United States Senate.

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