It seems that in the past few years, the Utah Republican Party has been thwarting the will of the people of Utah.

The first incident was when they tried to stop candidates from collecting signatures to qualify as a candidate for the primary elections, which thankfully was prevented. The next incident was when the Republican majority in the Utah Legislature chose to redraw the voting districts to their preference instead of taking the recommendations of a neutral committee. I couldn’t even vote for a candidate for the Utah Legislature who lived three blocks from me.

The last incident is that the Utah Republican Party has chosen to require voters in the primary election to attend caucus meetings in order to vote, as mentioned in an op-ed by Frank Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb on Aug. 25. Did it not occur to them that many people will not be able to participate, such as those who may have physical handicaps, law enforcement or medical personnel, or others who have to work during the time of the meetings, and older people who choose not to go out at night? If their goal is to limit voters, they have succeeded. 

Sharon Porter