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America’s attitude toward Afghan refugees is a refreshing change from the past

I believe the Utah Inland Port will make air pollution worse

Many children become seriously ill with COVID-19

Opinion: Elder Holland was right about BYU

There’s no escaping the truth when it comes to sexual harassment allegations

Opinion: ‘OnlyFans’ porn ban reversal: The profound damage of pornography culture

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Welcome to ‘woke’ university

Is illiberal campus activism redefining American values?

The case for BYU in the Big 12

Opinion: How science journalism changed our COVID-19 behaviors for the worse

Opinion: Republicans won’t redraw Utah’s political boundaries with the people in mind

Opinion: Is a big defeat inevitable for Democrats in 2022?

Opinion: Utah can do more to protect the nation from cyber attacks

Heed the prophet’s urgings to get a vaccine

School children should be required to wear masks

Take steps now to protect the nation’s power grid

Homeless people need affordable housing

Breaking up America’s big tech companies would give advantages to China

Opinion: Here’s why the next three months may determine your future

Opinion: Trusting horse medicine more than the vaccine — what does that say about Americans?

Opinion: U.S. health care is needlessly pricing people out. Here’s how to fix that

Opinion: If Americans lose faith in capitalism, the future will be bleak

Opinion: Don’t let the Taliban tell the U.S. when to leave Afghanistan

Opinion: We can still avoid an Afghanistan hostage crisis, but only if Biden wants to

Opinion: Navajo code helped in WWI, also

Opinion: Biden was either misled, or his generals are incompetent

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After Pfizer’s FDA approval, I hope we can all learn this one pandemic lesson

It calls to mind the story of a drowning man who prayed for help but when a boat floated by, said, "never mind, Lord, I’ve found a boat and don’t need your help after all."

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The multimillion-dollar pandemic mistake that schools are reluctant to fix

If there’s one thing most parents recognize entering this new school year, it’s that online learning is not what it was cracked up to be.

Opinion: Ted Lasso, America’s therapist

Will COVID-19 dominate politics yet again in 2022?

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Growing up in Utah, I wanted to be a Latter-day Saint. I wasn’t

I went through a very long period of resenting the church. Now I’m extremely protective of my home state and the people in it.

A feminist battle cry for some good ol’ fashioned gender roles

Opinion: China may benefit from the hasty retreat of U.S. forces in Afghanistan

Opinion: This is how we can show support for Afghan refugees

Heavy water users should pay much more in a drought

Carbon tax is an effective policy tool against climate change

Masks at schools would protect children and other people

Politics gets in the way of solving the pandemic and climate change

We won’t reach herd immunity if people don’t get vaccinated

When egos get in the way of winning championships

Opinion: Do Americans have the resolve to face COVID-19 head-on?

Opinion: How focusing on shared values could make us a more united nation

Opinion: There’s more than one way to be an American patriot

Opinion: A major intelligence failure in Afghanistan

Opinion: What does fishing have to do with COVID-19 and climate change? Let me tell you

Opinion: Big Tech is coming for conservative Christians

Opinion: How we could do more to help Utah prisoners get an education

Opinion: Will the ‘gut-wrenching’ airport scene in Kabul make it harder to fight terrorism?

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MLB missed the message of ‘Field of Dreams’

What was done to stage a game between the Yankees and White Sox was typically American — loud, commercial, overdeveloped and overproduced.