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Opinion: The drama of refugees and their stories

Opinion: Religious exemptions to the vaccine should be rare — but they should exist

Opinion: 9/11 attacks shattered America’s feelings of power

Opinion: I watched the plane hit the Pentagon — then watched Americans become one

Opinion: Can we disagree about identity and still love each other?

Opinion: A gondola would be best for Little Cottonwood Canyon

Anti-civic Americans are costing their neighbors dearly

Masks are not 100% effective, but they do stop the spread

Remember how united we were 20 years ago?

Opinion: Americans ignore the lessons of 9/11 by focusing on trivial things

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Seeing President Bush at Yankee Stadium brought hope for this father and son

A city marked by resiliency and optimism in the wake of a tragedy. My trip to New York influenced how I would later come to view it.

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Here’s why conservatives should oppose capital punishment

Some prominent Utah Republicans want to end the death penalty as an option in murder cases.

Opinion: This proposal would permanently mar Little Cottonwood Canyon

Opinion: 20 years ago, heroes on Flight 93 may have saved my life

Possession of all forms of cocaine should carry the same sentence

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad walk from SLC’s Concourse B

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How the Olympic torch brought hope to a broken world after 9/11

About three months after the 9/11 attacks, Fraser Bullock, chief operating officer of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Games, joined the Olympic torch relay at a time it was especially meaningful.

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The most touching memories from the 2002 Olympics: A flag, a choir and an anthem

What struck me most in the days after the attacks was the unity we felt as Americans for our country and for our countrymen and women.

Opinion: Here’s how to get Utah’s housing costs back in line

Students are running our universities. Just watch Netflix’s ‘The Chair’

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What do you do when democracy is too much of a good thing?

The answer is in the U.S. Constitution’s inspired balance between popular rule and centralized power.

Learn to recognize the signs of Type 1 diabetes

Opinion: Don’t give Dixie State a name that severs its ties to the community

People should learn to do what is best for all

Support the social safety net in the budget plan

Utah’s leaders should support federal voter reform legislation

Why don’t we have honest discussions about these issues?

Do what’s right and help children wear masks in school

Opinion: Our Social Security crisis

Opinion: Naftali Bennett and President Biden renew important U.S.-Israeli relationship

Opinion: Utah politicians know how to finesse angry disputes

Perspective: When Biden dropped the ball in Afghanistan, America showed up

Opinion: Hurricane Ida offers more warnings to earthquake-prone Utah

America’s attitude toward Afghan refugees is a refreshing change from the past

I believe the Utah Inland Port will make air pollution worse

Many children become seriously ill with COVID-19

Opinion: Elder Holland was right about BYU

There’s no escaping the truth when it comes to sexual harassment allegations

Opinion: ‘OnlyFans’ porn ban reversal: The profound damage of pornography culture

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Welcome to ‘woke’ university

Is illiberal campus activism redefining American values?

The case for BYU in the Big 12

Opinion: How science journalism changed our COVID-19 behaviors for the worse

Opinion: Republicans won’t redraw Utah’s political boundaries with the people in mind

Opinion: Is a big defeat inevitable for Democrats in 2022?

Opinion: Utah can do more to protect the nation from cyber attacks

Heed the prophet’s urgings to get a vaccine

School children should be required to wear masks

Take steps now to protect the nation’s power grid