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Opinion: Bernie Sanders is wrong about Sens. Manchin and Sinema

Opinion: What can Utah do to stop Biden’s vaccine mandate?

I donned LuLaRoe leggings to write this piece

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President Biden isn’t the reason gas costs so much

But neither is profiteering by big oil companies, as the president has hinted. Gasoline prices always make for good, but misguided, political theater.

Opinion: Decision on Little Cottonwood Canyon transportation cannot default to ‘nothing at all’

Opinion: My fellow nurses and I are swamped again because you won’t listen to science

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The delusion of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s feminist harassers

If following a woman into a bathroom and harassing her is now acceptable practice, where is the new line? Do norms exist anymore?

I oppose a new Inland Port transloading facility for these reasons

Opinion: How is America today like Germany after WWI?

Opinion: Make sure Utah’s minorities aren’t excluded in new political boundaries

Opinion: The effects of nuclear testing still haunt the lives of many Utahns

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American virtue is running low. Here’s how we get it back

The rule of law depends as much on citizen virtue as on constitutional structure. And our collective civic virtue is currently under strain.

Perspective: CDC statement on vaccines plays politics with expecting mothers

Opinion: Face it, there’s no good reason to have a kid’s version of Instagram

Should Utahns worry about all those big spending bills in Washington?

Opinion: COVID-19 is taking a toll on mental health and coping skills

Opinion: Why has COVID-19 made people mean and violent?

Attack climate change with market-based solutions

Antitrust legislation would hurt U.S. competitiveness

Don’t just give us COVID-19 numbers; give us names

Do not end the death penalty in Utah

Tell your children there is hope for ending pollution

The most important political article the paper has published

Too many government agencies are a law unto themselves

Opinion: Here’s how I’m trying to help prevent suicide

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Should booze be banned on commercial flights?

Flight attendants have reported a record number of incidents involving unruly passengers so far this year. The No. 1 problem is opposition to the mask mandate, but alcohol is often the catalyst.

I know it’s wrong to hate. But how can I forgive Tom Brady?

Opinion: Endless GOP election audits have become a farce

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The ‘parents are miserable’ message turns out to be wrong

Parents used to be the most miserable ones. No more.

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Why sites like Twitter bring out the worst in us

The root of political tribalism isn’t in social media echo chambers — it’s deep inside ourselves.

Opinion: The planet’s on fire, and it will only get worse unless we act now

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Higher education just isn’t built for men right now

There are a number of reasons our higher education system rewards the talents of girls more than boys.

Pedaling the Semper Fi spirit from Canada to Mexico

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The Bill of Rights guarantees unprecedented freedom. Is it waning?

If Americans generally abandon their allegiance to the paramount freedoms of the First Amendment, there will be little the Supreme Court can do to save us from ourselves.

Opinion: Utah voters are showing up, but people could do more to be engaged civically

Opinion: The wrestle among believers about vaccine mandates

Utes’ transfer portal additions have not added up

Opinion: Biden administration’s cruel mess at the border inexcusable

Opinion: Huge deficits in Washington do matter

Opinion: Can the GOP capture the House in 2022?

Perspective: How young liberals became the newest critics of porn

Opinion: If you want a voice in Utah’s political boundaries, speak now

My rights end if the virus kills me

Do not abolish the death penalty

Opinion: Trust the market, support a carbon tax

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Utah’s pandemic ‘endgame’ last spring now looks foolish

Utah lawmakers set "endgame" metrics that were a fiction, as relevant to the end of the pandemic as a halftime score in a football game.

I went to Vernal, Utah, in search of tiny green men. What I found might be stranger

Opinion: Biden, a frenemy of our experts