A smartwatch can keep parents connected with their children without the downsides of smartphones.
The arrest of Ruby Franke shows that children can become collateral damage in the business of “content creation”.
Women are increasingly afraid of pregnancy and childbirth. Could this form of “exposure therapy” help?
Aimee Winder Newton, director of the Utah Office of Families, dives into the threat of social media for our children and offers important steps parents can take.
If I had to guess, a therapist would tell me I have some sort of arrested development disorder, though I would never tell my therapist about this flaw of mine because I want to get an A in therapy.
A relatively new concept, the charge can cause a mother to lose custody, even when the father is abusive.
Our sympathies will lie with the parents without knowing how children came to be in foster care.
Though the ritual of buying classroom supplies is often blamed on school budgets, the debate around who should supply what is at least a century old.
Ready to let your child lounge around in luxury? Check out the nine best bean bags for kids.
A scary movie can be appropriate for older children, when parents help make it a safe space.
Glenn Youngkin’s victory shows the power of parents to motivate a base. But will the strategy work in the general election?
Extra vigilance is required for some of our most beloved summer activities, such as swimming, going to the beach and riding a bike
Connecticut is the latest state to pass a childhood independence law, following a pattern that began in Utah.
Not everyone agrees with his methods, but the former NBA star is teaching his children to test their boundaries.
If the Parents Bill of Rights passes the Senate, the law would fundamentally reorder the administration of public schools.
Parents of young children may not be blissful around the clock, but their lives are rich in meaning.
Increasingly, parenting is defaulting to a take-no-chances approach that doesn’t give kids much chance to explore or grow. It’s tricky figuring out when fear is helpful and when it shuts things down.
No one warned me parenting would require so much lung capacity in summer.
Prevention is easier than dealing with the effects of heat exhaustion or heat stroke
Dad jokes, drive-thru orders and singalongs — how bittersweet are the sounds of the American family road trip.
Tiffany Justice says media coverage of her group hasn’t been fair or accurate — nor is its designation as a “hate group.”
Summer learning loss — the hit academic skills take during extended school breaks — has long vexed researchers. But thanks to COVID-19, it’s getting more attention and Americans are broadly supportive of policy solutions.
New legislation offers protections for pregnant women and nursing mothers in the workplace.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder includes symptoms like lack of concentration, disorganization, impulsivity and restlessness.
Fathers are more active in their children’s lives, but only 1 in 2 children will spend their childhood living with both biological parents.
Good dads come in a variety pack that includes stepdads, older dads, younger dads, single dads and noncustodial dads.
Most parents have said one of these phrases, if not all of them. But not everyone will agree with these experts
Like the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, some only children felt lonely as kids. Could they help reverse demographic trends?
The group is at the forefront of the parents’ rights movement and will be represented at the Western Conservative Summit this weekend.
Experts say we get bored when we’re doing things that aren’t meaningful or challenging. That’s true for kids, too.
Parents are the first line of defense in the battle with Big Tech over our children’s hearts, minds and health.
After a parent complained about “The Hill We Climb,” a Miami Lakes school decided to limit access to the poem.
Nowadays, many parents don’t give their children household chores. That’s a mistake, experts say, but so is giving them too much to do. Where’s the balance?
The USDA predicts that food prices will continue to rise this year, making it a challenge for some families to put healthy food on the table.
Biblical names like Noah and Elijah were among the most popular baby names in 2022. But ‘The Chosen’ and ‘Yellowstone’ seem to be influencing parents, too
Communities of single mothers may solve some problems of child rearing, but they generate others.
Mothers of different ages and stages share how being a mom shaped them into the women they are today.
Mothers are the angels in the wilderness around us, and our children depend on them — as does the world.
With advances in technology, we need a new legal approach to parenting and surrogacy.
In the fight over safety and free speech, who wins?
To be more present at home, some parents have to settle for jobs in which they are easily replaceable.
With his Fox News exit, life advice from Carlson has been circulating online this week. Young Americans, in particular, should take note.
As research mounts on inconsistencies in the supplements, a new health advisory warns parents of risks.
A new movie shows a dad who is heavily involved with his son’s sport. But what happens when we miss too much?
Moments of awe and wonder — elicited by art, nature, music or religious experiences — help us connect with others and could improve our physical health.
One hospital saw 30 infant deaths in 15 months, prompting officials to warn parents about safe sleeping habits