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Perspective: American Girl Dolls welcome a new future: ‘wokeism’

The irony of AOC at the Met Gala was crystal clear to everyone but her

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The danger of bringing religious zeal to the political realm

In America today, many people treat politics, rather than religion, as the place to discover ultimate purpose and communion.

Opinion: I watched the plane hit the Pentagon — then watched Americans become one

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The most touching memories from the 2002 Olympics: A flag, a choir and an anthem

What struck me most in the days after the attacks was the unity we felt as Americans for our country and for our countrymen and women.

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How the Olympic torch brought hope to a broken world after 9/11

About three months after the 9/11 attacks, Fraser Bullock, chief operating officer of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Games, joined the Olympic torch relay at a time it was especially meaningful.

Students are running our universities. Just watch Netflix’s ‘The Chair’

Perspective: When Biden dropped the ball in Afghanistan, America showed up

Opinion: Elder Holland was right about BYU

There’s no escaping the truth when it comes to sexual harassment allegations

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Welcome to ‘woke’ university

Is illiberal campus activism redefining American values?

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The multimillion-dollar pandemic mistake that schools are reluctant to fix

If there’s one thing most parents recognize entering this new school year, it’s that online learning is not what it was cracked up to be.

Opinion: What does fishing have to do with COVID-19 and climate change? Let me tell you

Republicans’ crusade against the ‘childless left’ is not a ploy. We fight for our kids

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Why don’t colleges just tell us what ‘woke’ lines shouldn’t be crossed?

Many schools remain mired in a kind of woke fog where neither students nor faculty know what will get them expelled or fired or just publicly shamed.

No, we absolutely do not need a ‘kids menu’ for porn

Perspective: I tried to show the struggle of kids in masks. The internet shamed me as a mom, instead

Thousands of children died in Canadian schools. We’re just learning where they’re buried

In conference realignment, academics — not athletics — are king

Biden’s ticket out of the pandemic ... Trump

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You can’t trust ‘Sesame Street’ anymore to educate your children

Children’s media is addressing topics with presentations that aren’t just educational; they’re designed to guide your child’s moral compass in a direction of the program’s choosing.

Perspective: Modesty wins gold at the Olympics

The Mormon Battalion carried this unique flag 175 years ago. Now it has a new home

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Hollywood continues to ignore traditional religion

Instead of only highlighting those who leave religion, what about a show that depicts an equally compelling and common decision to enter it?

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Family ties are more important than always being right

Maybe, and this will sound truly old-fashioned, some things are better left unsaid.

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Are we seeing a welcome return to monogamy?

In an age where random hookups are en vogue, I’m happy for anyone to reignite the notion that sexual connection is best achieved within committed relationships.

Slow down. There’s a reason to teach self-restraint

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Why America’s cold civil war was decades in the making

Can America’s cold civil war be resolved?

America is not perfect, but she is certainly beautiful

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Our inspired Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is the foundation for a well-ordered government of laws, and not of men, writes the first counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Civic charity: 6 times we got it right

The nation’s well-being must be valued over personal interests.

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Don’t know what constitutional originalism is? Well, it isn’t partisan 

Originalism teaches that the Constitution’s meaning is fixed at the point it was ratified.

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The U.S. Constitution: The document that changed the world

The U.S. Constitution has been a model for a worldview that’s now under threat.

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Get your kids a summer job, not a summer camp

The forces pulling middle-class kids away from paid summer work are high. And college is mostly to blame.

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The moment is right for a history lesson

By believing in progress during our country’s gloomiest times, we can sustain the American story.

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My road to cancellation

The road to cancellation for Stanford business school educator, successful CEO and entrepreneur Joel Peterson began in 1987. Now it’s time to say enough.

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Perspective: I grew up with an absent father. Now I’m especially grateful for Father’s Day

I am eternally grateful as I watch what a truly healthy and loving father-daughter relationship should look like.

Remembering Juneteenth’s past can propel us forward 

Why our schools aren’t doing justice to the complexities of Black history

Why this lesbian is for religious liberty 

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Move over Big Tech, Big Oil — it’s time for Big Family

If the American Principles Project gets its way, soon American families will have their own powerful lobbying arm.

Redefining the ‘feminist dad’

Is summer camp now a luxury in America?

Modern motherhood has a major PR problem

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President Biden, let Hispanic parents have what they want: family care, not day care

The American Families Plan ignores the diverse perspective of parents.

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Lessons from the Jell-O belt

America’s political leaders can learn from Utah’s highly effective habits.

If Bill and Melinda Gates can’t make marriage work, who can?