Here’s what BYU reportedly would pay the West Coast Conference in exit fees if it leaves

BYU players prepare to play Pepperdine in semifinal West Coast Conference tournament basketball action at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on Monday, March 8, 2021. The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach reported what BYU’s exit fees could be if it leaves the WCC for the Big 12.
Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

Reports indicate that BYU is Big 12 bound, with an invitation expected to be handed out Friday to BYU, along with three American Athletic Conference members — Cincinnati, Houston and UCF.

If that happens, it’s likely to mean the eventual end of a partnership between the Provo school and the West Coast Conference, which has served as the conference home for the majority of the Cougars’ athletic programs over the past decade.

Since news began to surface that BYU was headed to the Big 12, there has been uncertainty surrounding how much money the school would have to pay to the WCC as an exit fee, which is common when schools leave college conferences.

The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach reported Thursday the exit fees BYU will face if it leaves the WCC.

The exact amount of the exit fee is reportedly determined by three time frames, per Auerbach:

By comparison, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF are required to give a 27-month notice to the AAC and pay a $10 million exit fee to join another league, per ESPN, though in 2019 UConn negotiated to leave the AAC earlier but paid a larger exit fee of $17 million.

Texas and Oklahoma, who forced the Big 12 to explore expansion after accepting invitations from the Southeastern Conference this summer, could pay significantly larger exit fees. The Big 12 holds media rights for both schools through 2025, and Texas and Oklahoma could buy out early with an exit fee of roughly $75 million each, per

There have been several national reports that the most likely scenario is that BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF would join the Big 12 in 2023, while the idea that BYU, which currently plays as an independent in football, could join the Big 12 in 2022 has also been floated.

BYU joined the WCC in the 2011-12 academic season.

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