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Is there an antidote to help revive the ailing Great Salt Lake?

Utah House Republican leader tests positive for COVID-19

Utah GOP congressmen vote no on $2T Build Back Better plan. One called it a ‘scam’

Would Kyle Rittenhouse have faced a trial if his case were in Utah? Maybe not. Here’s why

What the ‘Build Back Better’ vote reveals about Democrats

Can Utah keep up with rising health care costs? A new public-private partnership wants to try

This Utah city has refused to certify its election results. Here’s why

5 things you need to know about the new Utah State Prison — and when the old one will be torn down

Governor says Utahns should 'pump the brakes' over banning books in schools

Is your child the bully or being bullied? ‘Every one of us has to do better,’ Utah Gov. Cox says of 10-year-old’s suicide

Has Utah done a ‘horrible job’ branding itself? Governor says state’s wild growth tells different story

An NFL team in Utah? Governor says there’s ‘no limit’ on how hard he’d push for that

All adults in Utah now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine booster shots

Schools are struggling to stay open. Teacher shortages are to blame

Why Utah is positioned to move goods throughout the West and beyond

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What Mitt Romney says left the United States ‘showered with shame’

Sen. Mitt Romney again criticized the Afghanistan removal in a Senate committee hearing.

Transgender sports debate over high school athletes has resurfaced in Utah. Here’s what lawmakers might do

Where will Utah’s homeless go this winter? ‘Frustrated’ Salt Lake leaders again agree to host shelter

Book banning? Parent email prompts Utah district to pull these titles from high school libraries

What is the FAUCI Act? Why it’s a jab at nation’s top infectious disease doctor

School board president on suicide death of Izzy Tichenor: ‘We take this tragedy very seriously’

Sen. Mike Lee to Homeland Security secretary on border crisis: ‘Fix it or step down’

Western Republicans can’t stop censuring their own

Utah homeless spending is up by 600%, but problems have only grown. Here’s what an audit says leaders should do

President Joe Biden says diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics is ‘something we are considering.’ Mitt Romney urged him to act now

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The growing battle over ‘woke religion’

Some faith leaders worry that secular social justice movements are steering the country in the wrong direction.

These local leaders oppose the Little Cottonwood gondola idea. Here’s how it will factor into the decision

New vaccine mandate lawsuit claims Biden administration is coercing health care workers to get the shot

Biden signs $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law

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Photo of the day: Mendenhall caps off her 1,000 Trees Initiative for 2021

During her mayoral campaign in 2019, Mayor Erin Mendenhall said the initiative to plant 4,000 trees over her four-year term would help clean the air, while also making west-side Salt Lake City neighborhoods more welcoming.

Did Utahns like ranked choice voting? A new poll has answers

Study finds ‘very concerning’ rates of depression in Utah as COVID-19 rages on

Beto O’Rourke is back. But are his chances any better?

Mitt Romney joins President Joe Biden for infrastructure bill signing

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The not-so-smooth history of America’s roads

American curiosity to discover the vast expanses of the West, along with political infighting between Utah and Nevada, forced the government’s hand to dictate how and where roads would be built in America.

What’s the answer to national labor shortage, supply chain issues? Mitt Romney says young people are key

With a stroke of Gov. Spencer Cox’s pen, Dixie State became Utah Tech University

Jobs vs. jabs: Federal court upholds stay on Biden’s ‘sledgehammer’ vaccine mandate

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signs off on controversial congressional map that ‘cracks’ Salt Lake County

Utah ‘not in a good place’ as COVID-19 cases remain among the nation’s highest

Meet the newest contender for the title ‘America’s dog’

Salt Lake City gave police officers a pay raise 5 months ago. Is it keeping them on the job?

What was Utah Rep. Chris Stewart doing at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort?

Power play pits rural Utah concerns against Southern California

Trump just made an endorsement in the race for Idaho governor

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How a preacher’s son made The Babylon Bee sting

The Babylon Bee has become a force in conservative culture under the leadership of Seth Dillon.

Legislature votes yes on changing Dixie State name to Utah Tech

How the NAACP grades Mitt Romney, Mike Lee on voting rights, COVID-19 relief