SALT LAKE CITY — Building on its 170-year legacy, the Deseret News today detailed its vision for a bright future continuing as a news leader locally and expanding nationally. Utah’s oldest news organization plans to focus on in-depth journalism and commentary that will have more meaning in a changing world.

“The changes we are embarking upon are ground-breaking. I believe that some of our early pioneer publishers would be very pleased as we forge a new path, just like they did,” said Deseret News President and Publisher Jeff Simpson. “A polarized world needs a voice like Deseret News. We are now reaching millions of digital readers outside the confines of local paper routes, exponentially expanding our digital audience.”

Early next year, the newspaper will transition from daily print delivery to two new printed offerings — a reimagined weekly newspaper retaining the Deseret News moniker and a new monthly news magazine called Deseret. The Church News will continue in weekly print. Digital delivery will continue uninterrupted.

Conceptual renderings of Deseret magazine and the new weekly edition of the Deseret News, each of which will be launched in Jan. 2021.

“We are in a unique position because for years now, our digital readership has dwarfed our print readership and the great majority of the remaining print readers have become digital first. Also, more than seventy five percent our print readers are weekend subscribers already, so these changes will be minimally disruptive and let us enhance the products for all of our readers.

“Over the past two years alone, our digital users have nearly doubled across our various platforms and seventy percent of that group are from outside Utah,” Simpson said. “This uniquely positions us to be an important part of both local and national conversations.”

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Whether online or in print, readers can count on one thing: the Deseret News will continue to provide high-quality journalism on news and topics that are important to its readers.

“In this moment of American history, truth is under pressure and we are focused on providing the finest in-depth journalism and commentary for Utah and the country,” said Deseret News Editor Doug Wilks. “Journalism plays an indispensable role in society, especially during times of great uneasiness. Being a national voice from the heart of America gives us a real advantage.”

In addition to its award-winning news reporting, the Deseret News provides opinion and commentary that helps inform important conversations in Utah and beyond.

“Our goals are audacious and our position unique,” said Deseret News Opinion Editor Boyd Matheson. “We embrace founding principles as the best way to heal the country, foster freedom, promote justice and erase inequality. We are bringing the nation’s thought leaders to our readers and convening critical conversations with voices from across the political spectrum.”

Matheson continued, “We are a voice from outside the beltway and inside the coasts — right from the heart and soul of the nation. From our unique vantage point, we will provide a window into the principles, policies and values that create thriving communities.”

In the coming weeks, current subscribers to the daily newspaper, weekly national edition and the Church News will receive further details about their subscriptions converting to the new Deseret News weekly and Deseret monthly magazine.

It’s an unprecedented time for journalism, especially as technology has opened up new channels to report in. Readers now have more opportunity than at any time in history to get the news they want, wherever they are.

“While some have been wringing their hands about the decline of newsprint, we have been busy reinventing for the future,” said Simpson. “The additional changes we are making in the coming months are made possible because of strong vision in a dynamic group of writers, editors and other professionals. We are excited for our readers to experience what we have planned for them.”

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The Deseret News was founded in 1850 at the edge of the American frontier by pioneers with the motto, “Liberty & Truth.” Today, it is Utah’s oldest continuously operating business. It is part of a portfolio of media entities at the Deseret Management Corporation, which is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Deseret News retains and reaffirms its commitment to being a standard-bearer of journalistic integrity and principled reporting. We aim to elevate understanding, challenge assumptions and illuminate context from our long-standing heritage of faith, family and values.