These women mean business. Women make up only a small portion of executives in high-profile companies, but here are some of those businesswomen and the companies they lead.
Returned Mormon missionary Noel Lopez has teamed up with Utah Valley University basketball coach Mark Pope to give neckties to opposing coaches this season.
Jack Damuni, BYU’s director of player personnel, recently tweeted a message from BYU football’s Ty Detmer about the importance of Mormon missionary work.
Green Bay Packers’ rookie Vince Biegel, son of former BYU linebacker Rocky Biegel, credits his success in life to growing up on the family cranberry marsh, his family and LDS faith.
Operation Underground Railroad’s Tim Ballard recently gave a special presentation on human trafficking to Ivanka Trump and a group of politicians.
Masks and wigs that contain lice and temporary contacts that damage the eyes — some Halloween costumes are scary for all the wrong reasons.
Next time you take your child to the doctor, you might want to bring your own toy or book. New guidelines to keep healthy people from getting sick in doctors’ offices discourage toys and urge sick people to wear masks.
Stephen Covey, who taught the world to be highly effective at work and at home, would have turned 85 on Oct. 24. In honor of his birthday, here are 24 of the best things he ever said or wrote.
Reporters from the HuffPost recently interacted with student reporters at BYU’s The Daily Universe as part of the HuffPost’s “Listen to America” road trip.
At the end of a segment, MSNBC host Chris Matthews complimented guest Boyd Matheson for his “great LDS name” earlier this week.
Some new moms are eating the placenta after childbirth, believing that it has properties that will make them healthier and ward off depression. But a new report urges doctors to warn them of risks.
A national magazine recently pronounced Utah a “dermatology desert” with only 22 dermatologists to serve the entire state. The reality is better than that, although in some places you may have to wait a few weeks for an appointment.
The Los Angeles Lakers honored the family of Las Vegas shooting victim and Mormon Quinton Robbins Sunday at NBA preseason game.
About 4 in 10 cases of cancer diagnosed in 2014 were types associated with obesity, the CDC says. The trend is most pronounced in women, and people 50 and older.
People in 12 states, including Utah, have recently been sickened by bacteria that the CDC says is being transmitted through puppies. Here’s how to keep your family safe from this infection and other puppy-born illnesses.
If you can’t stand on one leg for 10 seconds without holding onto something, you’re at risk of a fall. And seniors at risk of falling would benefit from exercise, not vitamin D, a new report says.
A recent study found more miscarriages in pregnant women who’d had flu shots than those who didn’t. Your doctor probably wants you to get one anyway, and the CDC says Americans should be vaccinated in the next few weeks.
Parents are trying to keep their children safe when they zoom down a playground slide with them, but doing this makes your child more likely to be hurt, an emergency-room physician says.
More than a quarter of millennials had gotten tattoos before the nation’s leading group of pediatricians weighed in on their safety. Now the group has recommendations for any young people thinking about getting a tattoo or body piercing.
Researchers have known for years that exposing babies to peanut products may help prevent allergies. Now the Food and Drug Administration has given its approval. Should you spread a little peanut butter on that zwieback?
Starbucks is one of a handful of companies that offer health insurance that covers in vitro fertilization. Would becoming a barista help you have a baby?
Consumers caught in the Equifax data breach will want to take a few steps immediately to lessen the chance someone will use their credit and identities. Here’s expert advice.
Another woman has been awarded millions of dollars after convincing a jury that long-term use of baby powder gave her cancer. Should families stop using baby powder, and, if so, what are safer alternatives?
Did you know that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was created less than one month after the pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley?