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A Big Week for Miscreants

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Having been preoccupied with the economy, etc., the past month or so, I've almost stopped paying attention to the miscreants and morons in sports. Haven't done a Google search on Dennis Rodman in months.

But it was hard to ignore things this week.

First, there was the story of Allen Iverson skipping practice on Thanksgiving Day. No excuse, just some 'personal matters' to clear up. So Mr. 'Practice' himself skipped out. Go figure.

Then he came back to play in the next game, explaining that he wanted to play well 'especially for my teammates because I let them down by not being here.'

Maybe he should have thought about his teammates a day earlier.

Besides, I'm sure he's the ONLY player in the NBA who would rather have stayed home on Thanksgiving than go to a practice.

Then there's New York Giants receiverPlaxico Burress, who was shot in a New York nightclub, Friday. This is another guy with ADD (attendance deficit disorder). He was fined and suspended this year for skipping a team meeting.

Anyway, early reports say he accidentally shot himself with a handgun.

Which begs the question: What's he packing a gun to a nightclub for? And why does he hang out in places where these things happen?

Maybe he should have gone to the museum.

Lastly on my rant is Stephon Marbury. The disgruntled Knicks guard was suspended one game and fined two games' pay for reportedly refusing to enter a contest against the Pistons. Marbury claims he never refused, adding that would be 'insubordination.'

And heaven knows, none of these guys would even THINK of that.