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Peaceful, Easy Feeling

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I was talking with one of the media people at the Superdome, this morning, when I mentioned the Utes seemed pretty darn confident going into the Sugar Bowl.

Maybe too confident.

After all, this isn't the 2004 Utes. Or is it?

Weird thing happened on the way to a pretty good season: a great one appeared. Now they're one win from arguably the best season in Utah history.

While that's saying a lot, considering the '04 Utes finished ranked No. 4 and had the No. 1 NFL draft pick, this team would have defeated Michigan, Oregon State, TCU, BYU and Alabama. The '04 team's pinnacle was beating No. 21-ranked Pitt.

Whatever the case, this Utah team really does have an unusual confidence. I never saw it coming. I thought the Utes would lose a couple of games and maybe be in the race for the conference title. I never thought they'd be undefeated.

My musings on Utah being too confident could be off the mark. Perhaps when you're a non-BCS team, there's no such thing as too much confidence.

What's the opinion out there?