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Andy Reid's Softer Side

Philadephia Eagles' coach Andy Reid is a no-nonsense guy. A disciplinarian. A right-and-wrong thinker.

So how come convicted dog-abuser Michael Vick is on his team?

Reid, a former BYU player, added Vick to his roster, last week, setting himself

up for some serious criticism. Sure, Vick did his time. But does that mean he gets to have his old job back?

Sure does.

If you have talent as an athlete, there are always second chances.

But here's another angle, according to Philadelphia columnists Phil Sheridan and Rich Hofman.

Reid's problems with his sons - who did time for drug related issues -- have changed his perspective. Reid is more willing to give a felon another try.

"I've seen people close to me who have had second chances and taken advantage of those," Reid said to reporters. "It's very important that people give them opportunities to prove that they can change, so we're doing that with Michael."

My tendency is to say, yeah, right -- it's not about second chances. It's about Super Bowl chances. But considering what has happened to Reid's family in recent years, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, too.