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Aggies a Bowl Possibility?

Now this is something different.

Utah State is supposed to be in a bowl game.

USU is on Sports Illustrated's list of projected bowl teams for 2009-10. The magazine has the Aggies picked to play in the New Mexico Bowl on Dec. 19 against UNLV.

Since that and the St. Petersburg bowls are the first of the holidays, USU is

getting some nice publicity beforehand.

Stranger things have happened. Still, who would have thought UNLV and USU would be considered bowl possibilities?

"There's definitely an expectation level and what I expect is to have a senior with his head held high and his chest puffed out when he walks out of here," said coach Gary Andersen. "To have the chance to get to a bowl game would be huge, something they haven't really had the chance to do. Now will that take place or when it takes place, we'll just try to get us there as soon as we can get it done."

Meanwhile, BYU is picked to play Oregon State in the Las Vegas Bowl and Utah to meet Arizona State in the Poinsettia Bowl