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Leaving Las Vegas -- NOT!

The Mountain West Conference announced Monday that it will send it's No. 1 team to the Las Vegas Bowl through 2013, to face the No. 5 team in the Pac-10.

That's about as exciting as discovering you got free ticket to a Vegas show - and it's Charo at the Riviera.

Not exactly an A-list engagement.

If only the Mountain West (formerly of WAC fame) could get back to the days when it was the darling of the Holiday Bowl. Heck, if it could only make the Poinsettia Bowl it's top destination.

In years gone by, I heard fans complaining that they were getting tired of going to San Diego (again???) for another Holiday Bowl.

Now I'd give my 401K (OK, so it's not worth as much anymore) to be going to the Holiday Bowl almost every year.

But barring a BCS bowl, it looks like BYU/Utah are destined to be playing in Vegas for the next five years.

On the bright side, it's still better than Charo.

What do you think of the MWC re-upping with the Vegas Bowl?