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Utah Ranked 10th Best Program

As if the BYU-Utah rivalry needed further hyping, here's more: Utah is ranked the nation's 10th-best football program of the last decade, while BYU is 27th. But wait, the same ranking says BYU is "poised to be a BCS buster soon."'s Dennis Dodd ranks the nation's programs, this week, and he has the Utes high on the list. He even references Ron McBride, who built the foundation, calling him a "solid, not great, coach" and "an opening act for Frank Sinatra," followed by Urban Meyer and Kyle Whittingham.

The article goes on to acknowledge Utah's BCS-busting showings in 2004 and 2008 and adds that Utah is "the No. 2 football factory west of the Rockies."

That can't sit well with BYU, or Boise State, either, which ranks No. 11 on the list.

Dodd doesn't overlook BYU's three consecutive 10-win seasons. But when it comes to getting national attention, winning Mountain West Conference titles doesn't do it. Winning BCS games does.

Hence, this should add some fuel to the fire in the local rivalry. For the Cougars, it's time to move beyond the Mountain West.

Lest you think Dodd is another national writer who has never seen the MWC, it should be pointed out that he has been in the press box at Utah-BYU games in the past. He knows the teams and the rivalry quite well, actually.

As a side note, he ranks Mountain West member TCU 20th.