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Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, is convenient and generally helpful.

Problem is, since entries are provided by readers, things tend to get a little biased.

In other words, take what you read on Wikipedia with a grain of salt. Case in point is the section on the Utah-BYU rivalry.

In the entry, there is a reference to "Poppinga Victories."

Says the entry: "BYU's players and fans are both well known for adding "Poppinga Victories" to BYU's win/loss record. A Poppinga victory occurs when the game ends with the BYU team having fewer points than its opponent. BYU fans and players will count the game as a victory if BYU played well. The reasoning for distinguishing actual victories from Poppinga victories is that if BYU played well throughout the game, then the fact that BYU did not finish with the requisite number of points to constitute an actual victory is not considered important enough to discount from BYU's win/loss record. This practice began after BYU lost a close football game against Boise State University. Brady Poppinga, a BYU defensive player, was interviewed following the game and stated that he would not put the game in BYU's loss column; hence, the term Poppinga victory. Ever since BYU began the practice of using the Poppinga victory, Utah fans have found that it is necessary to refer to Utah's victories as scoreboard victories when discussing sports with BYU fans."

Not exactly objective reporting.

If you're a Ute fan, you have to love this stuff. If you're a BYU fan, you'll want to get on immediately and edit this entry.

Or at least give your own version of the rivalry.